To the pneumatic and hydraulic pipeline industry, Taiwan Tai-Chuan Industrial Co.,Ltd.is an indispensable partner. Ever since its establishment in 1983,Tai-Chuan has focused on engaging itself in manufacturing connection fittings for pneumatic and hydraulic pipelines, including iron pipe connectors for elbows,45°elbow, straight pipe thread fittings, and professional connectors for JIC hoses. Tai-Chuan stared R&D of bite type fittings in 1988 and launched new products in 1989.In



1992,to meet the wide market demand, new investments were made for expanding plant facilities to produce various connectors. Further expansions were made in 1966 for developing and producing a wide range of 3000psi bends and 3-way connectors. At the same stage, comprehensively planned warehousing facilities were built with full product lines and services being provided to our customers. Our market expanded to Europe,America,Japan,Mainland China and Southeast Asia. Tai-Chuan attained an ISO19001Quality Certificate in 2002. Through 20 years’of business experience, we have extended our professional know-how and available range. Based on steady product qualities highly-efficient production skills, and endless R&D efforts.



Tai-Chuan has grown together with most of our customers to form a sound and moderate, loyal-to-customer philosophy of business, and has earned recognition for the industry and accumulated extensive professional know-how.